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Medical devices delivering confidence

About us

Medical device startup company

on a mission to make skin surgery safer, easier, and more accessible.

Our focus

is on solving plastic surgery and dermatology challenges with the help of our innovative products.

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Committed, diverse
and experienced team

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Low-risk technologies and preclinical evidence

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Solving real problems of plastic surgeons in practice

Our Product

Celluleaf is a new medical device for performing blunt dissection - a trialed-and-tested surgical method used when minimizing damage is essential. Developed in close collaboration with clinicians, Celluleaf allows performing minimally-invasive blunt dissection in several new indications.

Celluleaf's main indication is the treatment of cellulite - an aesthetic skin condition affecting up to 90% of post-pubertal women. Other indications include treatment of scars, skin grafting, facelifting, and more. 

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